Zero Data Index: Unreleased & a word about pirating music released on “independent/indie” labels

Zero data index is dead, long live zero data index 2.0… What the hell? Continue reading Zero Data Index: Unreleased & a word about pirating music released on “independent/indie” labels

Forthcoming releases in 2007

We’ve got two nice surprises for you in january

Fredrik Mathtiiaas Rosén‘s album DHUDMDVJIDKF is finally set for release now in january, expect some serious business on that one.

The long awaited compilation album is about 75% done. We only have artwork and a few minutes left now. ^___^

Happy new year! // Veqtor

Ultraform (Mandark) Video on youtube

Thought not at all relevant to braindance music (idm whatever):
This vid is fucking awesome.
Mandark pwns at trance under the name Ultraform, no doubt. Though I don’t really like trance that very much, I’m happy things are going well for his career as a musician! And to be honest I do like his Hardstyle Goa-Trance hybrid form. If only I was seven years younger and still a pill-crazed raver…. You get the point. /veqtor

Two videos of nitro2k01 on youtube

They’ve been up for a while now, but I haven’t gotten around posting them, until we got the youtube plugin working.
The first one is from a secret party in the woods near Stockholm/Sweden. The second one is from a support party for the swedish pirate cinema project. – Acceptable, but far from perfect

So I finally got around to ordering some stuff from our webshop. Needed christmas gifts and wanted a t-shirt for myself.
The print on the paper-parts of the CD is excellent but on the CD itself it seems as if their cyan was temporarily screwed up.

Click for larger versions:

Click for larger version Click for larger version

We might go over to producing our CD’s by ourselves or making them at a manufacturing plant. The cloth merchandise might be handled by spreadshirt in the future. It’s unfortunate that the quality was so low, since I’m otherwise pleased with working with them, their customer/sales support has been great.