Building a NES/2600 Noise Generator

Having some time off from school-work has finally let me start working on something I’ve been eager to try out for some time: Building a NES/Atari2600 style noise channel emulation. Continue reading Building a NES/2600 Noise Generator

nitro2k01 @ En Festival i 8 Bitar, May 17, Västerås (Sweden)

En festival i 8 bitar poster
We’re proud to announce that nitro2k01 was booked in the last second for En Festival i 8 Bitar (A Festival in 8-bit) in Västerås, Sweden. It’s a two day festival for 8-bit music taking place this weekend, and nitro2k01 will be playing at May 17, 7 PM.

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Yellow Then Blue – Book Of The Sick – OUT NOW


We’re very proud to present the first release on OXO-Unlimited from artist Yellow Then Blue.
This release is also the first in which we’re using a new payment scheme. You as a consumer pays directly to the artist, recieves a download link and the payment goes straight to the artist. This way all we do is represent the artist and help promote the release, something that is entirely in the spirit of what we’re trying to acheive at OXO-Unlimited. Whenever possible, this will be the method we’ll be using in the future. This is also the first release which is also sold in the FLAC format. What are you waiting for?