Norberg Festival ’08 – July 24-26


OXO-Unlimited @ Norberg!

We’ve managed to put together a whole OXO-Unlimited showcase consisting of Awt, nitro2k01 and Veqtor for this year’s Norberg festival!

Babyshaker will be playing too, but had already been snatched to represent the Oslo Break Fest Crew. Oerfil will be throwing down some massive acid business with our common friend, Marcus Ihlar as Ph1 AxXxid Crew and lots more!

I highly recommend this festival for anyone living in europe who is still thinking about what to do between the 24th and 27th of July.

We’re of course not the only great artists who’ll be playing there, Skream, Bong-Ra, Ars Dada & the OBF crew, Mats Lindström, Mattias Petersson, Psilodump and Zabutom are just some of the other excellent artists who’ll be entertaining you this year!

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